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Prep for Service 

Please arrive with clean hair that is lightly brow dry or stretch method. Your preference. Understand that if you choose the stretch method you might not have the desired finished look and this my extend your service time. Preparing for service includes washing your hair, deep conditioning without protein, rinse out, add leaving-in conditioner (do not rinse out), heat protective spray, blow dry hair, braid into plats or two cornrows. Please DO NOT add oil, grease or any other product.I will braid your hair with a honey conditioner jam (not gel).


+ Hair & products

+ Hair prep time

+ One 30 minute break

+ Photos & Videos*

+ Lapdesk upon request

+ Internet

+ Seat Cushion upon request

+ Bathroom



Make  sure not to sleep with your hair in a bun or hair tie. Spray your hair once a week with a light leave-in conditioner or hydrating spray. Oil your scalp 1-3 times per week depending on scalp dryness. DO NOT over saturate scalp with oil. Make sure you use a regular body towel to wrap hair in shower. NO SHOWER CAPS. Shower caps hold humidity and causes frizzy braids. Follow my step-by-step tension free bun method on my Youtube page (Melaninhairstudio). DO NOT pull all your hair up at once into a ponytail. This puts added tension on your edges. 


+ Rare Skin Hair Repair Oil

+ Rare Skin Hair Hydrating Spray

+ Rare Skin Hair No Rinse Cleanser

+ Mielle Hydrating Conditioner

+ Mielle Protien Free Deep Conditioner

+ Aphogee Leave in Conditioner 

+ Aphogee Shampoo (pink bottle)

+ Argan, Jojoba, Vitamin E Oil

Take Down

I highly recommend taking down services at 6-8 weeks. This will reduce shedding. It is also best timing for proper hair washing, conditioning with a protein treatment and getting your ends trim if due. Because of the details of a take down please watch my take down video or book a takedown service with me (this doesn't include wash service) I am not set up to provide wash services. The take down detangle method is MOST important to ensure no hair breakage.

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