About Me

June 2019 my once side hustle turned into my career focus. I decided to leave the corporate world and venture into my own business. I opened Melanin Hair Studio fall of 2019 and began offering my braiding services. As my clientele grew so did the questions. I began closely assessing my clients hair and making small recommendations. After-while I found myself researching scalp conditions from eczema to psoriasis to different forms of Alopecia. This then led me to research products to use as treatment.


One day I was watching the news and a researcher reported an astonishing 200% increase in cancer, tumors and cyst over 10 years in black women. It was the highest increase amongst any other race of women. Scientist were able to link the disparity in the hair products used primarily by black women. These findings led me to do my own research and locate natural products that were without chemicals or health risk. My in-depth research led me to create my own braiding products using all natural ingredients right from my kitchen. I began applying those products during the install of some of my clients. I took notes on everything from which product I used on which client and how well their hair responded.


I took my research and knowledge on proper braiding techniques and created a braiding process that included a tension free, lightweight, protective install. I later created a YouTube Channel providing informative tips on what to do before, during, and after braid installs to ensure proper hair maintenance. Since I can’t service everyone I decided to offer a braiding course that included all my methods and tips. That led to the birth of Maryland Braiding Academy.